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Ameripolitan Music Awards!! 

The Ameripolitan Music Awards 
is accepting nominations in October. 

Last year we were a Top 5 Finalist for 
Western Swing Group 
With your help we can win this year!!!! 
Please nominate
Hot Texas Swing Band
for Western Swing Group 

& individual members where they fit best.

You can nominate your favorites in other categories, too, or just leave them blank. 

Thanks so much!!!
And Vote Now!! 

Just copy this list below into an email, fill in your nominations and email to: 

You can only submit one ballot per email address. 

Western Swing Group - Hot Texas Swing Band

Western Swing Female 

Western Swing Male 

Honky Tonk Group 

Honky Tonk Female 

Honky Tonk Male 

Rockabilly Group 

Rockabilly Female 

Rockabilly Male 

Outlaw Group 

Outlaw Female 

Outlaw Male 

Ameripolitan DJ 

Ameripolitan Venue 

Ameripolitan Festival 

Ameripolitan Musician (can be any of the subgenres)

Ain't Dead Yet on the Charts! 

We're honored that Ain't Dead Yet is still a Top Ten Western Swing Album for the Western Music Association.  Thanks, WMA and WMA DJs!

Great Summer Tour! 

Hot Texas Swing Band had a fun 9 day tour through West Texas, New Mexico and Colorado.  Cool weather, beautiful scenery and lots of great music!  We really enjoyed making new friends everywhere we went.

Front Page News! 

Discover Dripping Springs published a great article about Alex's latest award and the Hot Texas Swing Band.  Take a look!

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